Add Linux desktop application API, support 'mic mute' and others

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’ve used the macOS client of Zoom for years and frequently used global keyboard shortcuts to mute/unmute my mic. It’s frustrating on Linux (Wayland) that this isn’t possible. The security architecture of Wayland doesn’t currently permit this (which, honestly, is reasonable).

Describe the solution you’d like
The Linux desktop client should provide an API to interact with meetings and/or the client itself. Using DBus or a QML signal/slot mechanism would be helpful. I could imagine a broader feature set that this appraoch could provide for Linux desktop integration. It would make things like a hardware mute button or busy light possible (by adding an event notification for presence, for example)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Currently, I’ve created a shell snippet that toggles mute in the pipewire audio pipeline for Zoom. Unfortunately, this doesn’t update the “mute” state within Zoom itself.

Additional context
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Even just being able to sync the pulseaudio mute state (which is shared by pipewire) with the mute state in Zoom would go a long way towards helping with mute mic.
A more general API would of course be appreciated/more powerful.