Support for multi session Oauth


We are trying to create a Zoom connector for the UiPath platform. We are running into the same issue as Fahad on this ticket.

This issue arises because we expect users to create multiple sessions while using the UiPath connector. This causes concurrent sessions to invalidate both the access and refresh tokens; breaking the refresh workflow. This problem seems to be over a year old. Is there any support for this kind of app behaviour or any workaround that is supported by Zoom?


Hi @ot.torrents ,

This is a high priority request currently being evaluated for our product roadmap (ZOOM-325298). Unfortunately I cannot confirm a timeline for you, but if it is the same account across the different sessions within a singular platform, are you able to make the app context aware that is the same authenticated user?And subsequently, use their preexisting valid access/refresh token?

Thank you for the quick response! We will try this approach.

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