Support for MultiPin/Spot in SDK v5.2.41727.0928

I just wanted to check in on some of the headline features of the main 5.2 client that seem to be missing from the latest SDK update. In particular, I do not see an abstraction for multipin and multispot, rearranging the gallery view, etc. Is there a plan / timetable for adding these, or am I missing how to interface in the latest release?

Users of our integration are highly demanding that we add these functions as the main Zoom client now has them.

I’m also after multi-pinning. From my understanding, spotlight is local and pinning is for everyone, however calling PinVideo only seems to pin locally for me also.

EDIT: Since learnt I had my terms the wrong way round - still interested in multi spotlight though

Hi everyone,

The multiPin/Spot feature was introduced in client 5.2.2, and the SDK v5.2.41727.0928 is based on client 5.2.1. This feature will be available when we upgrade the client base version in SDK.


Do you have any ETA on that future version?

Hey Carson! Thanks for the reply. Do you have an estimate on what that release timeline might look like?

Are we talking about making the ability to multi-pin available to all participants as a default? Right now the host must grant permission to multi-pin to individuals upon request, which is really cumbersome for participants and hosts, and also places more of a burden on deaf participants who use this feature often.

Or should I submit a separate request for this feature?

Hi @Proddy, @liminal_andy,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I don’t have an ETA on when to upgrade the client base version in SDK yet. I will let you know if I have any updates.


Hi @marie.coppola,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Normally the SDK follows the behavior of the Zoom client(or say inherit the behavior) so we are not able to change the experience in SDK.

Please submit a feature request to Zoom client at and once the Zoom client has this new behavior, then SDK will be able to add it.


Hi Carson,

Thanks for getting back to me (us), any updates would be appreciated.