Pin feature not working


Ever since i updated to version 5.4.6 and now to 5.4.7 on my laptops and pc i am not able to pin any video unless i am host or cohost. I tried removing zoom and reinstalling and that did not change anything. I ended up going back to version 5.4.2 and now i can pin again. Is this some type of problem with zoom new version or do i need to activate something in settings for the version?

thanks for your help

Hi @bluepointit2005, thanks for using Zoom!

It sounds like you are looking for assistance with the Zoom client. This forum is meant for helping developers who are integrating the Zoom SDK into their own applications. For assistance with Zoom, please use our general support page. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks. there was nothing there i found that could my issue.


If you can not solve the issue even after you reinstall zoom, please try report the issue via Zoom.

Then your issue will be reported to the right person. I am working on native sdk and have no idea why pin feature doesn’t work on your pc.