Supporting Lenovo Smarthub500


Are there any plans to support the Lenovo SmartHub500 as a Zoom Room?


This is a hub specifically designed to work with Skype. I can’t find any documentation for open protocols the hubs uses online. Do you know if it uses SIP or something similar? If so then you could use our SIP connector APIs. 


Lenovo have lent us one for review. Its running a full version of Windows 10 enterprise. If the Zoom Room software was changed to make the ‘first’ screen the control pane with the HDMI output running the video output this could really change up the Zoom Room dynamic in that all you need is to add a camera and plug in to a display. This could be a really good ‘cost of change’ play when pushing out SFB


Thanks for the info Rob! I don’t know of any plans to support it, but I will put in a request to the client team to investigate its viability.