Suspected bug with /webinars API

Just started with Zoom webinars. Apologies in advance if this is not the place to ask about/report bugs.

I created a recurring meeting with the Web UI. I scheduled the meeting for the first Thursday of every third month (beginning in April). I then used the Web API Playground (as well as a local copy of CURL) to get a list of all Scheduled Webinars:

The curl request returned this (some data redacted):

{“page_count”:1,“page_number”:1,“page_size”:30,“total_records”:1,“webinars”:[{“uuid”:“XXXXX”,“id”:57XXXXX,“host_id”:“MV-t6XXXXXX,“topic”:“Introduction to Night Photography”,_ “type”:9 _,“start_time”:” 2019-10-04 T01:00:00Z",“duration”:60,“timezone”:“America/Los_Angeles”,“created_at”:“2018-03-26T21:22:18Z”,“join_url”:“”}]}

Notice that it says 2019-10-04 which would be the LAST occurrence of the entire series.

I then edited the webinar by deleting the last two individual meetings. Redoing the curl request I got this:


Notice how it’s now returning the FIRST/next meeting as I expected - though I’m not sure why it’s only ONE meeting listed.

NOTE: I believe after I deleted the last two webinars, I also edited the “repeating webinar” to turn it off, THAT’S why I only got the one I expected. I opened this issue with customer support, here is the response:

 I have reached out to our engineers and determined this is the expected behavior for the List Webinars API call. This call will list all webinar IDs scheduled for the provided user; if a recurring webinar is scheduled it will display the last occurrence of the webinar. To obtain the recurrence IDs you will need to utilize the Retrieve A Webinar API call. 
~ _ Stefan _ of Customer Support

So “type”:9  means it is a recurring webinar (see here portion reproduced below.


Also, it’s not obvious (will have to experiment) to see if the GET{webinarId}
will return all or just the _ future _ webinars.

| type
integer | Webinar Type
5 Webinar
6 Recurring Webinar with no fixed time
9 Recurring Webinar with fixed time