Recurring /meetings /webinars

If I have recurring meeting or webinar, REST API returns it only once and with the the oldest date of recurring.
E.g. webinar called Demo webinar, recurring from 6/1/2020 until 6/12/2020… Only the 6/12/2020 is contained in response.

It is difficult to display UI with missing webinars / meetings that are visible on zoom page but not sent via API.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
/users/me/meetings /users/me/webinars


created_at: "2020-03-09T22:37:59Z"
duration: 1440
host_id: "xxx"
id: 111222333
join_url: "xxx"
start_time: "2020-06-26T05:00:00Z"
timezone: "Europe/Prague"
topic: "Recurring Webinar"
type: 9
uuid: "xxx"

This webinar goes 20 days from 6th until 26th, but I can not calculate it from these response params.

Hey @mchrenko,

You can get all of the occurrences via the occurrence array returned from the Get meeting and webinar endpoints.