Sync deskphones with REST API

Hello Team

Is there a way to use REST APIs to force a re-sync / reboot / restart of a desk phone?

we are working on automate our Zoom Phone add/edit/delete process but we found out that when changes are done by the proper REST API phones are not being re-sync to take the changes

Support recommended a sync on the GUI but that is not an option, we are trying to automate most of our Zoom Phone operations not to add more load to our support team by clicking the sync button hundreds of times per day

Thank you

Hi @juan.grijalva,

Good question. At this time, it’s not possible to reset or reboot phone devices via API. Currently our Phone Device API endpoints are limited to the following actions:

This is a great suggestion however. If you’re so inclined, I might recommend posting a feature request for this here: #feature-requests


Thank you Will, for sure we will create a feature request as this is top priority for us to get fully automated process otherwise we still need human interaction for each operation to refresh the end user device

Thanks @juan.grijalva — I’m sure others would find this valuable as well, and can certainly appreciate the use case.


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