Syphon server/client support

as an option to pick under camera.
Yes Please Add!
I want to go Webcam->TouchDesigner->Syphon Spout->Zoom


Hey @gclark,

Is this similar to ?

I am unfamiliar with syphon / spout.


Hi @tommy

Syphon is an established Mac interface for frame streaming, and Spout is its Windows counterpart


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Thanks for the explanation @psidium,

Currently we have no plans for this.


+1 - it would be really useful to be able to use, say, a DSLR as a video source for Zoom. As far as I’m aware this isn’t currently possible and enabling Syphon/Spout as a source would solve the problem.

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Hey @diccon,

See this video for using DSLR in Zoom:


Thanks. I use the Magewell SDI capture discussed in the first part of the video. Ecamm is a neat solution. (CamTwist is free, and similar.) However, Zoom disabled virtual cameras a few minor releases ago. So 50% of the solution (for the key application being asked about in this thread, really) doesn’t work. Do you have an ETA on re-enabling virtual cameras, perhaps with a Zoom virtual camera loopback device to avoid the code signing library entitlement issue that was (I imagine) why it was disabled? This has had a significant impact on our flexibility for multimedia projects/courses/events using Zoom.

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Hey @jburke,

I don’t have an ETA on the virtual cameras - I’d reach out to for better assistance as this forum is for the Zoom App Marketplace.


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    That would be really very useful !


For what it’s worth, I want try again to strongly advocate for the addition of Syphon / Spout support as an input source to Zoom.

(I am the creator of a software called Isadora, a desktop application for Mac and Windows used by several thousand users worldwide that enables real-time manipulation of video and audio.)

While the NDI Virtual camera is one solution, it has some notable limitations: it is CPU heavy and it introduces a very noticeable delay, on the order of at least half a second and usually more.

Because Syphon and Spout use texture sharing, they have no measurable latency, introduce a nearly zero performance hit, and – importantly – are offered as both an input and and output by nearly every media server application in existence. (See a list of notable applications at the bottom or peruse the long list you can see on the Syphon home page at

Why is that important? Because theaters and galleries are going to remain closed for months. Those who work in the performing arts are going to need tools to support remote performance. While NDI Virtual Input does allow input from some of these media server applications, Syphon and Spout are hands down a much better solution to ship video from one application to another.

Both are open source and thus it is easy to prove they are secure by examining the code. Both have liberal open source licenses that would allow you to use them with commercial software. My experience implementing both for my software proved to me that – if Zoom can accept OpenGL or DirectX textures as an input – your development cycle will be quite short and thus inexpensive.

I hope that some of the points I’ve made above might cause someone on your team to reconsider supporting Syphon and Spout.

Mark Coniglio
Creator of Isadora

Notable Software with Syphon and/or Spout Support:

Isadora -


I second this. I’m preparing several concepts to pitch to a few museum and location-based entertainment clients which would involve piping realtime video feeds from our interactive video systems through a video conference. Would love to use Zoom if we’re able to get a Spout into it. Otherwise we’re looking at NDI into Skype which is not our preferred method.


I agree and think it is critical for Syphon and Spout to be integration into Zoom as soon as possible.


Syphon and Spout in Zoom would be wonderful!!

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Syphon and Spout in Zoom would be wonderful!!
I will use spout to Touchdesigner or Isadora from zoom

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Same here. I am working as a media teacher. During Corona-time I was forced to teach online. I would love to see the Syphon/Spout integrated into Zoom…

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I am writing to request the support of Syphon natively within Zoom.

As a professor at The Ohio State University I make this request for our Department of Theatre, The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, and as the Vice Commissioner of Technology for United States Institute for Theatre Technology. Zoom holds a special place in the tool set that we as theatre and media professionals are using RIGHT NOW during this global pandemic. Syphon is an important tool that our industry relies on to minimize latency and provide seamless networking between media servers and our distribution outlets.

Please consider this request not just a lone voice but that of a representative the over 22,000 members of USITT and thousands of theatre, film, dance, and transdisciplinary theatre and media students and artists at OSU that would directly benefit from the addition of this feature.

Alex Oliszewski
Associate Professor of Media Design
The Ohio State University
The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
USITT - VC of Technology


I think there is a hack for this, using “codesign --remove-signature /Applications/” to enable using an external webcam with Zoom and using CamnTwist to create a virtual Camera with a Syphon input

Unfortunately, Syphon and Spout are not a virtual webcam. They are a completely different technology than a webcam and would require Zoom to specifically add them as a possibility.


Can you chime in on this discussion? Is it possible that you / the Zoom development team might reconsider adding Syphon and Spout as an input? Really they are so many that would benefit from this… those that have added their support above are just the tip of the iceberg.

Best Wishes,

That’s where CamTwist comes in… It creates the virtual camera Zoom can use