NewTek NDI Input & Output

We would like NewTek NDI output for participant webcam video feed.

NDI is a networked low-latency video transmission standard widely used in the video industry. It would be great if Zoom can include NDI support, such as output stream for individual participant’s webcam video. If possible, native NDI screen sharing input and output would be great too. These would allow video creators to easily integrate Zoom calls into their own video broadcasting applications, including vMix, OBS.

Skype has allowed content creators to send NDI output for each participant’s audio and video feed since August 2018. ([Using NDI® in Skype - NewTek Blog], [Skype for content creators - Skype], [Adding Skype calls to vMix with return video and audio - vMix Knowledge Base], [How to use Skype with vMix using NDI® - vMix on YouTube])


Would love to see such option as well


Yes please! And also NDI input would be very useful!

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And here are some supplementary information, some video producers have said that they would continue to use Skype or vMix Call instead of Zoom at the moment because of Skype and vMix’s friendliness in allowing them to manipulate the video streams via NDI themselves. Therefore Zoom please do consider adding NDI integration to help your app in further expanding to the field of video conferencing in professional video productions as well!


yes please! This would be crazy helpfull

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Agree! Please add this feature!

Yes please! NDI input, and NDI output of each speaker’s video and audio!


Yes, we’ve been using Skype due to it’s NDI output capability, however the quality just doesn’t seem as good as Zoom. NDI integration would be ideal.

This would be extremely helpful, if we could use NDI natively with zoom we would likely use it more, we regularly use SkypeTX something that allows us NDI in and out would allow us to use zoom more.

Would be a welcomed feature

Just look at Skype and duplicate its NDI capability.

NDI I/O would make complex virtual event soo much easier.

Down this line of thinking pinning a person to a NDI output would be great. An option of names and mute icon disable when in a grid would also clean up the look and make it more usable.

+1, I agree with this option.
NDI will increase the value of Zoom as well as virtual events in nearly future.

Yes, pls add NDI output of each stream to zoom!

yes, please update zoom with this super important feature.

+1 this would be a great addition and save a lot of production hassle.

Yes, please. Would make Zoom much more useful in professional broadcast settings.

NDI input and output is a must for such service as Zoom.

I need this in order to broadcast Zoom Meetings with full control.

Agreed, having NDI input/output for Zoom would be ideal.
Currently we can get NDI video source into Zoom by using the NewTek NDI tools’ Virtual Input app.
This works pretty well for video, but the audio is poor quality (sounds like static is added to the otherwise good audio).
So a native NDI input for video and audio would help simplify our setups and reduce or eliminate latency between audio and video sources (because they would both come in via NDI)
Having NDI feed out from Zoom, in much the same way as currently enabling a feed from Zoom to Facebook or Youtube would let us ingest the Zoom content into our mixer (e.g., vMix).