Syphon server/client support


Can you chime in on this discussion? Is it possible that you / the Zoom development team might reconsider adding Syphon and Spout as an input? Really they are so many that would benefit from this… those that have added their support above are just the tip of the iceberg.

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That’s where CamTwist comes in… It creates the virtual camera Zoom can use

Hi folks,

I’m here to echo the requests of the users before me. We would really like to see Syphon integration within Zoom.

Zoom may have very abruptly cornered the market on bringing people together during this time of global crisis - but with no end method in sight for resuming in-person large events, the performing arts community is very quickly going to start looking elsewhere for a platform that can readily provide high-quality mixed media video support. And the screen share tool is just not cutting it.

I’ve worked in professional sports, TV broadcast, touring concerts and shows, contemporary worship megachurches, regional theatre, and higher education - and though the software used in each of those disciplines is varied, the common thread among them is some sort of frame sharing interoperability.

Please reconsider adding Syphon/Sprout integration to a near-future release of Zoom. We would appreciate hearing from @tommy or other members of the staff/Developer Advocates soon so that we can make plans for how our teams will move forward.

– Paul Chapman | Duke University

This is actually a real problem!!! Please make Syphon/Sprout available again as video input as quick as possible!

I want to throw my support into encouraging Zoom to develop Syphon compatibility for its product.

I am a theatre technician, designer and creator who normally works in dark black rooms delivering sound and video content that make engaging, entertaining (hopefully) live theatre performances. Right now the theatres are all shut here in the UK so my world has shifted to working with performers who are exploring how to make live Zoom based shows.

My main tool in theatre AV is Qlab ( which is the top notch market leader for delivering audio and video…it works seamlessly with Syphon and if Zoom supported Syphon I can see the opportunities for Zoom to become the go to product for delivering live theatre into people’s home!

Right now, I am involved with an interactive musical version of production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night…mixing live actors with pre-recorded sections for songs…I share a second screen into the Zoom Performance (we don’t do meetings), showing the content cued by Qlab. This is great…it works…BUT give me the creativity to add in video (from Qlab via Syphon in Zoom) as a web cam in the Gallery view or as a Spotlight. Wow this is exciting.

Anyway you can see I want this feature



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I can’t get CamTwist to work with Zoom 5.0.4. Does it?

+1 for zoom to support syphon!

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I was using camera live and camtwist until zoom “lockdown”. Now I need to use the terminal hack described above as a music teacher I need to use multiple cameras and the ability to connect a mirrorless camera to zoom the image. Due the time we are living, this is very urgent and using a terminal hack could open vulnerabilities…
I even joined zoom as a payed user, but this way If zoom doesn’t solve it I will need to look for alternatives in other conferencing platforms…

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Dear All,

Hi there, Mark Coniglio creator of the video software Isadora here.

For all of you that want Syphon into Zoom, I created a free tool for macOS called Syphon Virtual Webcam. Details, download instructions and short tutorial can be found on the TroikaTronix forum.

Note that some users had a bit of trouble with Zoom. If you have difficulties, follow the procedure in the READ ME included in the disk image to reinstall Zoom 5.1.2 client and Syphon Virtual webcam. That seemed to solve any issues people were having.

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You rock, Mark, Thank You!

This is nice Mark, also to those who use OpenFrameworks and want to send the feed directly to Zoom - check out Daito’s demo:

Liminal has added individual Syphon outputs from Zoom :slight_smile:

More info at: