Team Chatbot Failed To Open Chat Error

Hi there! I’m a zoomie attempting to build a chatbot for an internal app, but I keep getting the error “Failed to open chat” when trying to test locally. I am following the guide found here: Build a Team Chat app

I’m on a mac, using my personal free account since I’m not able to use the zoom account. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @william.patterson
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Are you able to authorize the app and after this authorization, are you getting redirected to the Client?
Or you are getting this error while authorizing the app?

Hi @elisa.zoom ! Yes, i’m able to authorize the app just fine ( I think ), the error pops up as soon as I get redirected to the client.

Interesting @william.patterson
Let me try to replicate this behavior on my end with that guide you shared and will get back to you