Test Mode for Zoom Meeting SDK for Web


I am currently using the Zoom Meeting SDK for Web in my web application. I want to provide the ability on my website to launch a test using the SDK to set up or investigate any issues with video/audio before joining the group meeting, similar to http://zoom.us/test. Is there a way to replicate this Zoom test using the SDK? Do you have any JavaScript samples for this?


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Hi @Coral
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I do not think there is a way to launch a test using the meeting SDK

Is this something that could be accomplished using joinTest?


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You are actually right @tkapinus
Thanks for chiming in

Thanks! Is there an example of using joinTest somewhere? I get an error when I use a valid meeting id.

I am not sure we have a sample app using that specific function
but here is a link to our GitHub where you will find different sample apps