Test Zoom App at Scale with Fake users

Zoom Apps Configuration
Ruby on Rails / JS

I would like to try to test my Zoom app at scale by creating test / fake users I can add to my meeting. I am able to do this by joining my Zoom meeting in different windows, but I am wondering if there’s any way to do this programmatically without having additional zoom windows open on my computer. I would like to do this with about 200 test users and don’t think my computer will be able to handle having that many zoom windows open

Thanks in advance for your help

Unfortunately we don’t have a method to mock Zoom Users without using an SDK to join the meeting. However, making use of the Client Web SDK might be your best option here. That way, you can open different tabs.

Thanks for the reply @MaxM , does that mean there is a way I could use the Zoom SDK to mock Zoom users?