Stream fake users from zoom's video servers

One of the things I need to do is host multiple users in a video meeting. The only way I can actually test my app with multiple users is to use multiple physical devices. But hosting a meeting with a dozen users or more would require a device for each user. This isn’t practical.

There are two better solutions I can think of. The first solution is where the Zoom website provides developers a way to create fake users and stream fake video content for each user. This streamed content could originate from any mp4 source that is hosted on Zoom’s site. This could be any mp4 video and not just a person (cats, dogs, cities, etc). It should be possible to loop the video stream when it reaches the end. For each fake user, you can provide a username and select the video source and have a few buttons to join and leave the meeting.

An alternative solution is that the SDK provides a hook that lets you create these fake users directly on the device and the device can host the mp4 content (or alternatively retrieve it from the web). This solution is less desirable because you wouldn’t be able to easily join or leave a meeting for any particular user.

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Hi @AndroidDev, this is best placed in #feature-requests

You’re right. I didn’t find that category the first time I posted. I checked again and now see it. I’ve updated the category.


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