Testing locally an oauth app on different environments


We currently have a test environment (which QAs use) and a production environment and they are running on different domains. We also want to be able to test on localhost during the development of new features involving Zoom, so being able to authorise and deauthorize Zoom in all such cases is important. At the moment, we are able to set up the test and production environments using the development and production sections on the app credentials page, but I cannot quite see how to make localhost applications work with Zoom especially on an ongoing basis for every engineer once the application is published on the marketplace.

I’ve seen ngrok suggested on different forums, however, even if we did expose the localhost services publicly, I cannot see how I can configure the redirect_url for development without overriding the existing redirect_url of the deployed test environment (used by QAs). I’ve also seen the ngrok can keep or even reserve a domain so we could maybe try to have it coincide with the test environment’s domain and then add it to the allow list using the “any” keyword, but that involves getting a paid plan with them. Also, even if we did manage to always publish with ngrok under the same domain, where would we configure that in the Zoom application form?

I’m interested if you have an actual solution for this situation that doesn’t involve paying a third party for domains or if we are missing something around what your recommendations are once an app is published.

Which App?

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