The add button for the published app is "Add for others" instead of "Add"

We have published a web app using the Zoom Meeting SDK on the Zoom Marketplace. Despite selecting “From your landing page” in the app management interface, the button displayed is “Add for Others”.
Upon clicking “Add for Others,” users are able to directly add the app from the Zoom Marketplace, bypassing the intended redirection to our landing page.
We would like to ensure that users are consistently redirected to our landing page, similar to the behavior when clicking “Add.”

published app link : App Marketplace

This is a friendly reminder.
I would greatly appreciate if you could answer this question.

Hello @fam-zoom-marketplace

I can see that the changes made on the Marketplace may have confused the process for adding your app. Please review this support article to learn more about why for Zoom admins it’s showing ‘Add for Others’:


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