No way to "Specify the process to add your app"

The submission checklist describes an option to " Specify the process to add your app" as From marketplace, so that the authorization process can begin with a single click.

However, within the app configuration no such option appears. There is an “Adding your app” section, which appears with only a grayed out radio button:

How can we enable a “From marketplace” installation?

Adding your app from marketplace is the legacy (and default ON) option for installing a zoom app - web install. There are several routes required: a ‘landing’ url that redirects user to for authentication. Then after user authenticates and adds on, you can either deeplink them into the Zoom client, or to your own site for authentication/user create first.

Some examples are here:

Hi @JonStewart , thanks for the response. Let me try to be a little more specific.

We recently published an app on the marketplace, and the call to action on the Marketplace landing page is “Visit Site to Add.” Previously, Apps on the marketplace have had the call to action “Add,” which immediately starts the oAuth flow and is our desired behavior. How do we change the call to action on the marketplace landing page?

Thanks Art, that’s a great idea. and the language would me more user-friendly if it more accurately reflected the next step in the UX for a specific app. This is not something the platform offers atm, but we are working on some updates in this area and I’ve raised the suggestion

Hi @JonStewart , thanks. I’m still a bit confused.

Step 13 of the Submission Checklist is as follows:

Select an option to enable users to add your app:

From marketplace
Displays an Add button on your app listing page. Users click Add and then Authorize to proceed to the redirect URL you specified.

From your landing page
You specify a landing page URL for your app. Users click Visit Site to Add on your app listing page and are redirected to your landing page for authorizations.
Use this option to restrict authorization of your app to only users who already have an account within your company. This is particularly effective if your app requires users to enter unique or organization-specific subdomains to log in to your app (example:

As far as I can tell, this is inaccurate. There is currently no way to specify a “From marketplace” installation. Please let me know if this is correct or if I have missed something. Thanks!

This is a good callout, Art, thanks. And you’re right that this should be more clear. I’ve raised this internally and we’ll get back to you.