The API generates a WC link that participants click to go to the login page

The API generates a WC link, and the participant clicks the link and goes to the login page. This does not happen every time

Hi @380076857
Could you please elaborate on this issue?
What do you mean with WC link?

The API generates a direct participation link with the authority of the host. Our problem now is that sometimes clicking this link does not directly join the meeting but jumps to the login interface.

Hi @380076857
This is the expected behavior.
The host/owner of the meeting needs to be logged in in order to start the meeting.

The WC link is a participation link with the host’s account information. After clicking the link, you will directly join the association and become the host without logging in again.

The problem we have is the ID/start? This link sometimes Google did not identify after buying your Zak, resulting in the host can not enter, but Error - Zoom ID? Zak = xxxxxx This can be recognized every time

Hey @380076857
Are you still experiencing this issue?