The best way to integrate Zoom with existing website[elearning]

Hey @emilpausz, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Here is the flow (you can use the Zoom App instead of the SDK if you don’t want to integrate the actual meetings inside your application):

  1. Create a JWT App (for Web SDK) and SDK App (For Mobile / Desktop SDKs) on a Pro or higher Zoom account.

  2. Use your JWT App to make a JWT Token to mange creating free basic accounts for all your instructors so they can create / host the classes.

  3. Use the meeting id of the created meeting, and pass it into the Zoom SDK to start / join the class. (Example for Web SDK) or distribute the join_url to your students so they can join the meeting using the Zoom app.

The only catch is you have 2 options when creating Zoom accounts dynamically for the instructors:

  1. create, creates an actual Zoom user on your Zoom account, the instructor will get a confirmation email they must click on to finish setting up their account. (Free)

  2. custCreate creates a user without having to accept confirmation email, they actually don’t have a login to Zoom, because it is all handled by the API. (Not Free, is cc’d in this email if you would like to inquire about pricing. The user itself can still be a free basic user, but the ability to create custCreate users costs money).

You can find sample Zoom SDK apps, like Angular, iOS and more on our GitHub.

Let me know if that helps!


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