Large scale meeting creation for users without personal accounts

I would like to programmatically create approximately 5000 meetings over the next three months for about 900 groups of 10 people (1teacher, 9 students)

The meetings I create should be able to be started without me, though it’s okay if they are all associated with my account.

The best scenario would be that I could create all of the meetings via api, and I would get back two links for each meeting: 1 link for the host/teacher that I would share with them so they can independently control the meeting (preferably without having to have more than a basic zoom account themselves), and 1 link for meeting attendees/students (preferably without them needing a zoom account at all)

I’m thinking the ideal case would involve a jwt app, as I prefer creating meetings against my own account as long as I can get a link for starting the meeting.

Any thoughts on the best way to approach this? I see that the number of ways to create meetings is fairly robust, and a bit complex.

I’m curious if anyone could comment on if

  1. the above can be achieved through a jwt app with the meetings api
  2. What level of account I would need for the scale I’m describing
  3. If more advanced features like ZaT or others would be necessary to accomplish any of the above.
  4. What kind of user structure would be necessary for this? Could all meetings fall directly under my account?

Please let me know if this is not the best place to raise this question.

Thank you in advance

Hey @robert.j.nowell,

Let me know if my explanation here helps:


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Thanks, Tommy! I’ll take a look at this

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,

Super helpful information and this gives us what we need to move forward.

If I understand correctly, there is no way to create a meeting for each instructor and enable them to host the meeting independently without either:

  1. Creating a user for each instructor and having the instructor activate their account (click the activation link sent by email) or

  2. Working with the ISV sales team to pay for the the custCreate option on user creation.

If we used the custCreate option (#2 in the previous list), then we could:

  1. Create meetings for the instructor without requiring any action on their part

  2. Create a url through meeting create response (start_url) that we could share with the instructor, and they could independently host the meeting without having to log in

  3. The start_url for meetings created for users with custCreate would live for 90 days.

I believe my understanding is accurate on these points, so please correct me if not.

Thanks again in advance

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Hey @robert.j.nowell,

Yes that is correct! :slight_smile: