E-learning platform integration

What would be the best strategy for the following integration with e-learning platform?

I am developing an e-learning web platform that has two types of users: teachers and students, who are grouped together in classes. I would like would like to provide a new feature of virtual lessons that take place in Zoom but are scheduled by teachers within my browser application.

I feel that it would be best to simply redirect users to Zoom’s join url (for students) or start urls (for teachers) for duration of the meeting. When meeting is about to start, students click button referring to joinUrl, and teacher clicks button referring to startUrl.
I have no intention of using Zoom Web SDK. Teachers and students are not a part of an existing Zoom account. I am also assuming that that none of the users have Zoom accounts set up, and prompting a user to enter credentials (either account login/password or meeting password) is something to avoid. Authentication should only occur when user access the platform. User can join/start/view the meeting only via dedicated lobby page directly in the platform. Users should not be able to access their meetings at Zoom Web Page - it is platform’s job to handle everything associated with scheduling.
The platform should also support thousands of parallel meetings, i.e. meeting M1 hosted by teacher T1 with students S1, S2, S3 and meeting M2 hosted by teacher T2, with participants T3,T4,S4,S5,S6, both at the same time.

Would the above be achievable with one of Zoom’s plans (Basic, Pro, etc.)? Any advice on moving forward with this topic would be really helpful.



Hey @iwo.m,

Checkout my writeup here about best practices for integrating the Zoom API / SDKs into an E-learning platform:

Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


is it possible to user simple html5 with basic JS to host the meeting? I create an online platform. Now my teacher need to host and student need to join in a classroom. I do not use react. my platform is asp core with razor page. Need a sample html code to integrated zoom in my page. No react. i already check github. download and try the sample. github sample works fine.

Hey @iamhasanhabib,

Yes I suggest using the Web SDK: