The meeting screen is black when first run demo

We use the android meeting sdk sample. If the app is installed for the first time, The first or second time we enter a meeting, there will be two problems.
The first problem is when we enter a meeting,The screen will be permanently black,
The second problem is when we enter a meeting,The video interface of the meeting always displays “connecting…”, but cannot enter the meeting.
We tested 5.9. x, 5.10. x, 5.11. x, 5.12. x, All have this problem
The situation is the same on different Android phones

@lasmarthomedev ,

are you running this on an Android TV hardware?

Yes. Chunsiong. Good to hear from you too!
This Is Larry.

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This is a similar issue on Android phones too?

I’ve just tried to deploy to an android 8 TV box running RK3328 CPU, and it launches.

The first 2 things I’ll recommend you to check would be the JWT token and the Meeting ID

Yes, android phone has the same issue too. It happens usually within first three calls between caller and the receiver. It does not has to be the first try. But after it happens once, the rest of calls would be ok.

It can be between iPhone and Android TV box or between android phone and android TV box. It only happens at the android end(s).

Android box OS version 9, or 11.

Can we schedule a zoom meeting and we can talk more about it in details and seek your advice on how speed up my development.

Thank you so much.


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