The other participant can't listen same if micro move

We implement a solution using the ZOOM API to open Meetings, all works correctly, but recently one of the user report an issue. (Only one user has this issue by the moment)
This solution works very well already 6 month, but recently start with one user and now other user is reporting the same issue.

She report that every time she start a meeting, she can hear the other participant but they can’t listen to her.

We did some tests:

1.- She open a meeting with Zoom windows application and it’s work. (we can hear her)
2.- Open a meeting in a Web client in Chrome and Edge and it’s work. (we can hear her)

But when we create the meeting using API ZOOM and she connect by Webclient doesn’t work. (ni Chrome neither Edge)

The only different message we have it’s a yellow icon in the meeting and when we click over there a box display the message:

Unencrypted Connections.

We verify the micro work all good, same if when she speak the micro move (in green detect sound) but we can’t listen to her.

Any idea why this issue could arrive? why a unencrypted connections it’s display and it’s possible it cause the audio issue?

Screenshots (If applicable)
Client Web Chrome (Yellow icon) He can listen
Client Web Chrome (Green icon) The micro move, but the other participant can’t listen

Hi @equisoft.connect,

Thank you for reaching out about this. As this sounds like an issue with the web client, please reach out to our Technical Support team here, as they’ll be best suited to investigate for you.


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