The Server-to-Server OAuth app type is only for internal applications and processes. All apps created for third-party usage must be OAuth app types

Question is, What is mean by third party APP?
I my case we have Angular App which s using Web Meeting SDK 2.11.0 and another is Ionic mobile app, so here which app should be preferable for authentication, S2S OAuth or OAuth?

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Hi @vishwajeetbhosale
This is a great question!
A third-party app is an app that is published in our Zoom Marketplace and that has been reviewed and approved by our Marketplace Team so it can be used by external users.

If your application is supposed to be internal you won’t need to publish your app in the Marketplace.
for authentication Oauth is the prefered method.

Hi Elisa,

Could you define Zoom’s concept of “internal” ?

For instance, on a multi-tenant cloud app from company A, which is a service purchased by a customer at company B (who utilizes Zoom thru their own account) and that system from company A although not on prem at company B, is a private application to company B and provides a service that accesses the Zoom API - does this qualify as internal for server-to-server Oauth?



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