Application Type confusion


Need your help to choose Application type on Zoom marketplace.

My requirement is given below:

I want to integrate zoom with my website to register for the webinar
through my site.

  • We are working on the site enhancement which is similar to the”.
  • On the site, our customer will register them and purchase the plan.
    After that, they will create the pages for the sites and publish to the
    domain. It is a SAAS based application.

For developing the Zoom integrations user will perform the steps below:

  • User will come and will create a form using our page builder and
    register their zoom account with that form to register for the webinar.
  • Once application will be done and publish for the visitor then a visitor
    will come and register for the webinar which will be entered to the zoom
  • We have integrated multiple application but struggling with the zoom
    app to do the same. I have done development using the “OAuth” type
    application but it is working with the single account only. I want to
    allow my clients to also integrate their account in my page builder.

Que: Is there any other App type I need to integrate or Will it be OAuth
type application?

  • I almost created an application with the OAuth type and it is working fine but with the current account credentials only. It is not working with the other user account. I read the blogs and found that for that we require to live the application and take approval.

I have sent the approval request for the application through the marketplace with all the credentials with how to access feature I have created over there. It is the in CakePHP application so I used the PHP code to perform all the functionalities. I provided terms and condition for the site and other all necessary code but they are asking for the documentation link. I don’t want to public
my app that can be accessible to other users to use but it needs to work as I mentioned above. What is the use of documentation for using my application if I don’t want to make it using other than my site? Can you please help me that how can I set that and worked the way I want.

Please help me to find the solution.


Hi @drashti.b.patel,

We do not support private internal apps or connectors to be shared and installed outside of the developer’s Zoom account unless it is intended to be shared for a short period of time for the purpose of external testing. In such scenarios, you may request Zoom to allow you to share your app manually.

If your request is approved, you can share your Publishable URL for the app’s installation. To generate the Publishable URL , you will still have to select the “Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace” and provide all the required information needed for registering your app.

  1. You can make the request to share the app by clicking on the ‘ Request to share this app outside this account ’ url.
  2. After you make the request, the following text will change to - Request to share this app outside your account has been sent.
  3. If your request is approved by Zoom, you will see a message that says - This URL can be shared with users outside this account to install the app.

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