The /v2/report/meetings/{meetingID}/participants doesn't always return the participants in a meeting

I wish to get a list of meetings and a list of the participants in each meeting.

So I’ve retrieved a list of user meetings using the v2/users/{userID}/recordings API. I then loop round the meetings to get the participant information for each meeting, by calling the v2/report/meetings/{meetingID}/participants API with the relevant meetingID.

The problem is the v2/report/meetings/{meetingID}/participants API doesn’t return the participants for every meeting.
Instead it returns {“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”} for some meetings.

Why does the v2/report/meetings/{meetingID}/participants API return {“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”} for certain meetings?

Thank you for your help.

Hey @alan.stewart, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Good question, the GET /report/meetings/{meetingID}/participants endpoint will return the Meeting ID is invalid or not end error if the meeting has been deleted.

You can however call the GET /metrics/meetings/{meetingID}/participants endpoint and get the respective data from the deleted meeting because it existed at one point in time.

Note: You will need the dashboard feature to be enabled to call this endpoint.

Duplicates for more details:


You’re right. I’ve passed the same Meeting ID into the{meetingID} API and it returned:
{“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting {meetingID} is not found or has expired.”}

Many thanks

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Happy to help!

Let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: