The Zoom API schema documentation sucks

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I just wasted a few hours trying to debug some internal logic, and it turned out that your schemas are wrong and don’t represent the return values of the endpoint listed above. I’ve had this issue before and am fed up enough with it to post this rant.

Here’s the return value I got from the list my meetings endpoint:
{"page_size":30,"total_records":1,"next_page_token":"","meetings":[{"uuid":"UiXAeK7PSd29F7yj8E5Izw==","id":87861145172,"host_id":"v4Xy1yE1Rzul6MwNCxdFag","topic":"Nikhil Shinday's Zoom Meeting","type":1,"duration":2033796963,"created_at":"2023-02-28T15:02:12Z","join_url":""}]}
page_number and page_count are completely missing from this response. There’s no indication from the API documentation or the associated JSON schema linked in docs that these should be missing. I verified that both the documentation and the public JSON schema don’t reflect this. It’s clear that Zoom is trying to focus on becoming a platform, and that part of your strategy in doing so is to build a developer community. Things like this make the DX awful and make me want to stay away from your API with a yard stick.

How To Reproduce
Used a Bearer token issued from Zoom’s OAuth endpoint to call the list meetings endpoint:
curl -XGET\?type\=live -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'

Hi @nikhil2
Thank you so much for reaching out to us and for bringing this to our attention.
I really appreciate your feedback and understand how this can be a bad user experience.
We are currently working on improving our Docs site and I will make sure to pass along your feedback to our Docs team.

I did some testing on my end with this endpoint, and it looks like you need to pass the query parameters page_number and page_size in your request, so you will get a page_number and page_count field back in your response.

For example:

Now, if you do not pass those query_params, you will be getting a next_page_token back in your response, which will be used to paginate through the response you get.

Let me know if this helps
Thanks again,

hi i have a need quick question

Thanks for your response, Elisa. I checked the Pagination page and the Meeting List endpoint on the docs and neither mentions this. Appreciate the clarification and also really think that should be mentioned somewhere.

I totally understand you @nikhil2 and will reach out to our Docs team to add a clarification note.
Thanks again :slight_smile: