Meeting API behavior


Noticing some weird behavior while using the get meeting list end point

I’ld expect both URLs to return the same data since ‘live’ is the default value BUT what I’m experiencing is A returns data while B returns 0 records ({“page_count”:0,“page_number”:1,“page_size”:300,“total_records”:0,“meetings”:}}

Am I missing something?


Hi @etl_collectivei,

The reason B returns 0 records is because the type “live” are for meetings that are currently happening at that instance. If you start a meeting then call the API with type live, you should see the meeting.



Thanks Mike, really appreciate that response. Just to clarify, that means that (contrary to the documentation: live is not the default type for the list meetings end point otherwise ‘A’ would have returned 0 meetings, too?

In addition, is it possible to get a list of ‘past’ meetings?


Hi @etl_collectivei,

The default should be scheduled, we’ll update the documentation shortly. As for past meetings you can use this API - and use the type=past parameter.