Time Saver - Summon

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
People often get invited to meetings where their time could have been better spent focusing on other tasks. Instead, they’re pulled into meetings where there’s nothing they can contribute or the contributions in the meeting don’t help with the work they’re doing.

Describe the solution you’d like
Only pull in people when they’re actually needed.
Build upon the invite feature to create an experience similar to this.

Provide the Host with a Summon button (this can be named whatever).

  • This button will display all the users that are not present in the meeting. Furthermore, it would only list those who are marked optional but have accepted the invite.
  • Summoning can do 1 of 2 things
    • Send the invite to the user. Bonus if everyone in the room can summon the person so the user being summoned can see how many people need them. This would require the attendee to accept the invite to join.
    • Pull the user in from a breakout room. In this method, meeting attendees can be presented with an option before connecting to the room. This does not require the attendee to accept the invite to join.
      • Option 1) Join the meeting.
        *This should be automatic if the user is marked as a Required participant.
      • Option 2) Join a silent lobby/breakout room with mic and camera features disabled.

This would allow people to better spend their limited time in a workday.
If your participation may be needed then you’re on deck until you’re actually needed. Until then you can continue doing your work without having to split your attention between your work and what’s being discussed. No more “could you repeat that”.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The experience behind the current features doesn’t have an in-between option like this. People are either attending or not attending but in reality, invitees may not give or receive any impactful contributions.