Timezone list with GMT offset


I have an APEX application that uses the API to create webinars in Zoom.
For this purpose, I need to replicate the timezone list provided in my Zoom account.
I understand that this list can be retrieved from here-

However, this list doesn’t have the GMT offset which might confuse the user of the APEX application.
Is there any way to retrieve the timezone list with GMT information?

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Priya Jetley

Hey @priya.jetley,

If you would like to create the Webinar with the GMT offset in the start_time don’t include the timezone property, and set the start_time in the GMT format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.

For example, if I create the following Webinar using GMT:

  "topic": "Test GMT",
  "type": 5,
  "start_time": "2020-01-20T06:00:00Z",
  "duration": "60"

GMT Time is 6 am, and my Zoom Account (set to Denver time) shows as 11pm.

So if you have the Z at the end of the start_time it will create the meeting in GMT.

Does that answer your question?


Hi Tommy,

I am not the original poster, but we are looking for a more robust timezone list that includes the GMT offsets in the name.

For example, the list provided on your website at https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/other-references/abbreviation-lists#timezones should also include GMT offsets such as:

‘America/Los_Angeles’: ‘(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time’,
‘America/Chicago’: ‘(GMT-06:00) Central Time’,
‘America/New_York’: ‘(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time’,

I am using the list provided in our application and would greatly appreciate if Zoom could add the GMT offsets to the names.

Also to note, the timezone list provided on the Zoom website is not in the correct GMT offset order.

Hey @adamwang,

Thanks for your feedback. We will consider adding this.

In the meantime you can calculate the offset on your end if the Z is including in the start_time for example. That means it is in GMT time. Then you can use a method like JavaScripts getTimezoneOffset().