To use sso and collect user code in web forms

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I am having my web application in c# using web form (Traditional Asp.Net)

Now the requirement is, I have to create zoom meeting from my web application on behalf of other user (Other user as organizer) and for that I created oauth application inside my zoom account and collected required information which is going to be used in my application.

According to my understanding I need to get the code first (After user authenticate themself with zoom account) then I need to use that code to collect access token then using that access token I can create meeting.

I can collect the code with the url pasting in the browser (which will open zoom login screen then after login it will ask for permissions if user accepts the permissions then I am getting the code) then I am using that code in backend to collect access token and then I am able to create a meeting on behalf of that user.

Now my concern is I don’t want this manual process to collect access code manually pasting from browser instead of that I need backend code which redirect user to zoom login page then permission screen then I could get the code in return, is this possible ? Please provide me some code sample or any 3rd party package which will be helpful for me in this case.


Hi @abhishek.nexuslinkse
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I understand that you are trying to create an Oauth app in your application to be able to create meetings on behalf of another user and you are on the right path, you need an Oauth app to accomplish that.

Here is a link to our Docs:

Also, how the OAuth authorization works with Zoom:

Please note that is this application is going to make API calls on behalf of 3rd party users, your app must be Published in the Marketplace:

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