Tracking Attendance Via Zoom Api

I am using postman to test out the zoom api but am not seeing where I can list all participants that have joined previous meetings so I can keep running attendance. We run a school and use zoom but would like to automate this process. Is this even possible. Thank you in advance for any information related to this. If there are any tutorials or blog posts that illustrate this, even better. Again, thank you in advance.

Hi @erikjames69

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you tried calling our Dashboard endpoints? you can actually pass a query parameter type with the values “live”, “past” and “pastOne”, find the docs here:

I would also suggest you to use Webhooks for this, so you can set some events in your app like meeting.participant_joined and you will receive event notifications every time a participant joins the meeting and this way yo will be able to track attendance without having to make API calls.

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Hello Elisa. Thank you for your reply. Yes I did take a look at those endpoints. The problem is I am not sure how to write those q params into the url. If you can give me a dummy example of where “past” would go or even my jwt token, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks in Advance.
Erik Robles

Hi @erikjames69

So the Request URL would look something like this if you were to call the List meeting participants endpoint: Zoom Meeting API


Hope this helps

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