Tracking fields

I need to set Tracking fields for a meeting through API but the tracking fields is not set. I checked with your support page and there they have told that we need to create a tracking fields inorder to implement in meetings.

So I checked with the Zoom Web Portal and searched for tracking fields but I couldn’t be able to find where it is. Can you guys please help me find it?

And also your support page document is outdated because if we click the link given in that page it says error not found.

This is the support page and this is the link that page is referring to.

Hi @usertestdelete92
In order for you to be able to add Tracking fields you will need to be an admin or account owner.
So, as an admin or account owner, you will have to go to the Admin Tab > Account Management > Scheduling Tracking fields

Let me know if this helps!

I didn’t have an option like that in my account. Is there any specific plan I need to get for activating that. I am using pro plan for Zoom. And I am an owner too.

Hi @usertestdelete92
Can you please confirm if you have a

  • Business, Education, or API

Or if you are the

  • Account owner or admin permissions


I have an API app and I am also the account owner. It looks like we need to have a business or education or other plan for tracking fields and it’s not applicable for zoom one pro plan. I learnt this form seeing APIs for tracking fields.

And also what is API plan, I didn’t know what is an API plan. Can you please elaborate it?

Hi @usertestdelete92
API plans are typically for products that resell Zoom video services as part of their business, rather than allow users to connect their accounts. You can learn more about that here:

Hope this helps,