Transcript missing from recording list

Using the API we retrieve a list of files using “users/{userID}/recordings”. Usually the list includes the MP4 and Transcript as file types, but not always. I can consistently reproduce this with a call recording that shows there is an audio transcript file in the Zoom recording manage browser interface, but in the response from the API, there is only an MP4 as file type.

Response code: 200
ReasonPhrase: OK

API Endpoint/s?
We are using Guzzle in PHP to call: users/{userID}/recordings

Request array:

string(39) "users/XXXXXXXX/recordings"
array(2) {
  string(10) "2022-05-16"
  string(10) "2022-06-16"


array(1) {
  object(stdClass)#91 (13) {
    string(24) "XXXXXXXXXXX"
    string(22) "XXXXXXXXXXX"
    string(22) "XXXXXXXXXXX"
    string(39) "XXXXXXXXXXX Personal Meeting Room"
    string(20) "2022-06-16T14:28:53Z"
    string(11) "Europe/Oslo"
    string(120) ""
    array(1) {
      object(stdClass)#80 (11) {
        string(36) "XXXXXXXXXXX"
        string(24) "XXXXXXXXXXX"
        string(20) "2022-06-16T14:34:05Z"
        string(20) "2022-06-16T15:42:21Z"
        string(3) "MP4"
        string(3) "MP4"
        string(135) ""
        string(139) ""
        string(9) "completed"
        string(31) "shared_screen_with_speaker_view"

Are we calling something wrong such that the transcript is now always picked up?

This recording was deleted and we recovered it, in case that changes anything. The recording was made today.

Adding that our issue appears to be very similar to this issue from May 3:

Which doesn’t appear to be resolved.

User error. In testing at some point we had dropped TRANSCRIPTS from our acceptable format types.

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