Transcription: How to stream zoom audio to another platform via API


I am developing a web system that uses Zoom API.

I am now trying to do add a live transcription feature for a meeting using Google Cloud STT.
I have read this doc about integrating a 3rd-party closed captioning service and another doc about setting up custom live streaming, but it is still not clear to me how to stream zoom audio to our system. Is it not possible to set up custom live streaming via API without additional user input on Zoom settings page?
I am not able to use the existing 3rd-party services (e.g., or since I find it hard to integrate them with the web system I am developing.

The author of this question seems to have managed to set up a webhook and stream zoom audio back to their platform.
Can you let me know some documents or tips on how to do this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @song,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

If you wish to add live transcription/CC services to a Zoom meeting, this will require adding some details to your Zoom settings or Zoom Client.

While I realize this is not the same, if you’re interested in a more flexible solution for capturing raw audio and implementing a more custom solution, you might also find our Web Video SDK interesting—this provides access to raw audio/video.


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