Transferring a webinar meeting ID/link to a different account

My company has 2 Zoom webinar accounts. Account X has a 1000 people limit. Account Y has a 500 people limit.

Department A scheduled a webinar using Account X. They are only expecting 300 attendees. The webinar zoom link and ID have already been created and distributed to the attendees.

Now Department B needs to schedule a webinar at the exact same time and date as Department A. And Department B needs to use lAccount X as well because they’re expecting 800 people.

Can Department A’s webinar, which was set up using Account X be transferred to Account Y so that the zoom link and meeting ID stay the same?

Hi @KaceyPat,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

Unfortunately, if these webinars have already been created under separate accounts, there’s not a straight forward way to transfer meetings/webinars between accounts programmatically.

However, I might recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team (you can contact them here) to see if this is something they might be able to assist with from their end.


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