Move Webinars Across Users


Is there a possibility that today I created a webinar with user account “A” and tomorrow if I want to update this webinar to use the other user account say “B”.

Let me say that the both user account belongs to us and the only difference between is that they might have different user registration limits. (i.e) Account “A” can accomodate only 500 users where as “B” can go all the way upto 1000 users registrations…



Hi @subhadra.ponnada,

Currently there is not a feature to move webinars between users. However, Zoom’s support team is able to manually transfer the webinar between your users if needed. You can use the link below to submit a ticket to get the process started:

Contact Zoom Support

Once the webinar has been transferred, the new user’s license capacity will be reflected. So once the webinar has been transferred to User B, the webinar will be able to accommodate 1000 attendees.