Triggering custom code/redirect after an App is installed?



When installing an App from the marketplace or via publishable URL, it triggers OAuth2 flow and, after OAuth is successful, the App is shown installed.

Since the App itself doesn’t seem to have any custom code of its own, can the redirect URL, that receives the OAuth token, trigger some custom code? Specifically, can it further redirect to some other page say for App configuration?? If so, will it cause any problem and, if not, is it something that is planned to be changed in future?

Thanks in advance and regards

Navin Mishra


Hi Navin,

Thanks for the questions, we’ve reached out to our Marketplace specialist to see if this is on the roadmap and will follow back up with you with an anwer as soon as possible.



Thank you…we will appreciate that very much!


Hi @navinmishra,

Would you be able to explain your use case? As the OAuth redirect url can still be used to launch any app specific config.



Thank you for the response. In essence, after OAuth token is received from Zoom (at the time when App is considered installed), we want to
further redirect to a configuration page for the App. Would it cause any side effects w.r.t. what Zoom expects to happen at the time of installing an App ? If not, is it something that might change in future ?

Another question is that, in the install URL generated for installing an App from the marketplace, why it does not have a provision to send some “state” ? The generated URL can’t be also changed to include this parameter. When building
the URL manually, I understand “state” can be passed but not when installing from the marketplace.


Hi @navinmishra,

Thanks for providing us your detailed use case. You should be able to do this with what you described, as all you need to do is redirect the client to your configuration URL once you receive the token.
We have a test app where you can refer to for example as well