Installing an OAuth app

Does Endpoint URL requirements exist?


I am currently trying to install an app, that can generate OAuth authorization and send notifications on certain events. I have filled all the information - including a valid endpoint URL and whitelist URL.

However, when I try to proceed and press ‘Install’ I get redirected to my own specified endpoint URL, endpoint’s GET method response is displayed. (The endpoint is a Google Apps Script)

After the redirect, nothing happens, and my application is still not installed. My question:

Is there any response that is required for an endpoint to be valid? Or is it normal and the app works even without installation. (The ‘Install’ button is still showing up, so I’m guessing that the app hasn’t installed.) What is the normal behavior after pressing ‘Install’?

App type: OAuth
Endpoint url:
(Here you can see where ‘Install’ button redirects me, after this redirect nothin happens.)

To reproduce error paste endpoint URL into a browser, that’s exactly what I see after pressing ‘Install’.

Redirect after pressing ‘Install’.

Hi @augustas.mirinas,

Thanks for reaching out about this—just to make sure we’re on the same page: are you only interested in subscribing to webhook events (Features tab of your OAuth App)? If so, you will still need to install/authorize the app under your account. The endpoint URL you designate within the Features tab of your app is where you should be prepared to receive Zoom payloads.

However, you need to make sure that you’re specifying a valid redirect URL for your OAuth app from the App Credentials tab (this is different than your Endpoint URL, and can be anything such as for example).

To confirm you’ve installed your OAuth app successfully, you can verify on this page while logged in:

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


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