Zoom app landing page url

I would like to use the option “Visit Site to Install” for my OAuth app. Only logged-in users to my site can use the Zoom integration. Are there rquirements as to what this URL should do or look like? One possible way to implement it is to first ask users to authenticate and once they are logged-in, to trigger a redirect to https://zoom.us/oauth/authorize with my app client’s id so that they can authorize the app. Or should there by an HTML page with “Add to Zoom” button? Also does the “Configuration URL” become mandatory once the option “Visit Site to Install” is chosen? My app doesn’t have any settings to configure for the Zoom integration, it needs permissions to create and read meetings on behalf of authorized users and listens to event hooks for meeting started, ended, participant joined and left to track participation in the meeting.

Hey @pcvetanov,

You can add a url to your site. For example, checkout how Spark does it:


That is a great solution! :slight_smile:

You can do either way, whatever is the best flow for your users.

No, it does not become mandatory. Slack is a good example of the configure url:


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