Troubles getting user's raw pixel data

Hello. I’m trying to get raw CVPixelBuffer of a user’s sharing and video content. Basically, I need three types of data in my app: my own video, host’s video and host’s sharing. And besides, I need to show both host’s video and host’s sharing simultaneously.
I simplified my setup here: gist:e1fe5137e44d87d690a6994dd0746301 · GitHub
I implemented three delegates to receive data. Then, inside onSessionJoin callback I subscribe to my own video stream, and inside onUserJoin callback I subscribe to receive the host’s data. I have two problems:

Firstly, I cannot get host’s video and sharing data simultaneously.
Secondly, when host leaves I don’t receive my own frames and my video freezes.


Which iOS Video SDK version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 12
  • OS: iOS 16.1.2

Hello again,
It seems, that I managed to solve my issues. However, I still have some questions.

In the first case I downgraded video quality from 720 to 360 and both frames come as expected now. Is it a bug that I don’t receive both sharing and video of the same user in 720p?
In the second case it seems that my local video freezes when host leaves session. I resubscribe to my video stream inside onUserLeave callback. Is it OK that my video freezes? Or I’m doing something wrong?

I’ll be waiting for your reply


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