Trying t generate a JWT so that I can issue a zoomphonecall url

I want to initiate a zoom call from a web page.
The documentation talks about a url scheme “zoomphonecall” which looks like what I need.
I have to generate a JWT
2 of the parameters for the JWT are troublesome:
a) the OAuth App Client Id - where does this come from . I have tried creating an OAuth App from which I can get a client id and a secret but it is also asking me for a scope - nothing seems appropriate so I am stuck.
b) the zoom user id - where does this come from ?

Hi @antonj,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

It sounds like you’re following our guide for initiating an outbound call using this scheme:

Is that right? If so, I believe you should be able to use the value of your JWT App’s API Key for the iss parameter. The Zoom User ID will be the value of the user ID for the individual under your account that you’re initiating the call on behalf of. If you have their email, you can query their user ID via the GET User API:

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

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