Zoom Phone - Outbound call initiation

We are looking to integrate zoom phone with our custom build CRM (web) application.

I have a question regarding the process of initiating a zoom phone call.

From the documentation, seems like there are two ways to initiate a zoom phone call i.e. ‘zoomphonecall URI scheme’ and ‘callto and tel URI schemes’.
Can you please elaborate on the difference between these two? What would be the benefit of generating the JWT token for the ‘zoomphonecall URI scheme’ when both approaches will essentially redirect to zoom client to initiate the call?

Additional context
I was looking at the documentation given below.

Hi @haseeb.saeed ,

The ‘zoomphonecall URI scheme’ was developed by Zoom while the ‘callto and tel URI schemes’ are industry standard schemes. They serve the same functional purpose so it’s up to you to decide which is best for your code base and use-case.

Thank you,

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