Trying to match up the results from /report/daily to dashboard

Hi everyone,

when I make an api call to /report/daily/?year=2020&month=3 I get a result that includes:
“date”: “2020-03-24”,
“new_users”: 514,
“meetings”: 9000,
“participants”: 50243,
“meeting_minutes”: 2192501

When I go to the dashboard, and go to Meetings and download the meetings for March 24 - March 25 (btw it would be great if I could download one day only). I count 11630 meetings for March 24. I tried different filters on the result data but couldn’t figure out how the API call was reporting 9000. I am trying to get some basic metrics and was hoping to be able to rely on this call.

Interestingly, if I make the call: metrics/meetings?type=past&from=2020-03-24&to=2020-03-24
this returns
“total_records”: 11507

Thank you.

Hey @young_lee,

Let me know if this thread explains the issue for you:


Thank you Tommy, it does.

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Happy to hear! :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have additional questions!