Trying to understand permissions for corporate users

We are trying to get corporate accounts to work on our app however, we are finding we have too many “administrator” permissions enabled, however, while some permissions are easy to remove others are not and it would still be good to have access to that user’s information just not demand to know ALL user’s information which is normally blocked on corporate accounts.

Our permission like right now (since I cannot share a image) is:

  • meeting:read:admin
  • meeting:write:admin
  • reading:read:admin
  • recording:write:admin
  • report:read:admin

The permissions that most corporate accounts miss are, well, these.

All these permissions we would like but only on that user, not on all users. Is there a way we can get these permissions just for that user?

I notice each permission has a “sub account” permission tied to it but the documentation I found is vague about what this means.

So, how can I change these sets of permissions be for the user only and not for the account the user is attached to?

I notice there is a me api, which is kinda vaguely documented as well as to what it can truly do, are there any plans to enable meeting management via this API? I.e. I can make a meeting but not delete one

Hi @Delenta , those permissions would be the Admin of the app you publish. If you want to limit that access to one Super Admin, you can customize their user role access, specifically. You can subsequently change the role access for other Admin. The below article will help with this :slight_smile:

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