Trying to use reports API with Active Host report


I’m trying to replicate the retrieval of the “Active Hosts” report that is available through the admin dashboard.

Problem: I am able to replicate it via API, but it is missing a couple of key fields, and there appears to be no easy way to add them. In particular, the scope field is critical for us.

Oauth 2.0 app

API endpoint: 

Hi @pr85,

Can you please describe in detail what fields you are missing?


The last field “Scope” which tells you the integration source if being used (such as LTI Pro, Slack, etc.)


Hey @pr85,

Can you please share a screenshot of the page with the Scope field? We aren’t 100% sure what you are referring to.


Here you go, the last column “Scope” is in the Active Hosts report. It contains Zoom, LTI Pro, Slack, Google Calendar, etc.


Just realized is “Source” Sorry for the confusion.

Hey @pr85, thanks for the clarification.

We will add this as a feature request to include the “Source” info. (ZOOM-146183)