Turn off Whiteboard Zoom Rooms

Is there away programaticaly or through configuration prevent whiteboarding?

In your Meeting Settings page on the web, there is an option to enable/disable “Allow participants to share a whiteboard that includes annotation tools”. Which means the person who schedules the meeting can control whether this option is available. But it can’t be turned on/off using the Zoom Room.

Seein Meeting Setting (Under room)

Click on Show More Details

Serach for “Allow”

all I see is

“Allow host to put attendee on hold”

Serach for “whiteboard”


Search for "annotation

I see  “Annotation Supported versions”

Cant find what you are talking about


I’m referring to the regular user settings, not the zoom room settings. For a user, click on the Meeting Settings link on the left, then the meeting tab, then under the section In Meeting (Basic).

Can you put picture of this settings. I am not able to find this option or i am unable to follow your instruction

Hey @luckmission,

The setting lives here: https://zoom.us/profile/setting