Sharing different whiteboards in breakout rooms

I wish to create four whiteboards, each with a different heading, on which participants can annotate/brainstorm using the text tool.

I then want to share the annotated whiteboards separately with four breakout rooms, where each room has one of the four annotated whiteboards, e.g. breakout 1 has heading 1, breakout 2 has heading 2, etc.

The work in the breakout rooms consists in sorting/moving the brainstormed text boxes on their designated whiteboard to create groupings, then annotate a label/theme for each grouping.

Once the breakout room work is completed, participants return to the main room, and share their room’s whiteboard.

Is this possible to do?

Thank you.

Hey @pierre,

Not sure this is possible.

Please reach out to for questions unrelated to the Zoom App Marketplace.


Thanks Tommy… have enquired but no answer yet

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Thanks @pierre,

Apologies on the delays from the support team as they work hard to get to your enquiry.


Tommy, while I am waiting on my original enquiry, I have another: I am using 5.0.3, and there is no “Co-Host” option in Settings, In Meeting (basic).

Hey @pierre,

Looks like you need to have at least a Pro account:


Thank you Tommy… missed that prerequisite. I have now upgraded my account to Pro


Can the Select tool be shared with a co-host?

Hey @pierre,

Happy to hear you got it working!

As for the whiteboard usage itself, please reach out to or see this article: