Type of device used to connect to meeting

When a user joins a meeting, is there a way to determine what device type they connected with? For example, some folks may join with their mobile device, some directly with dial up, some from a desktop. Is there an API that will return this detail for each user in the meeting? I took a look at a few API calls but didn’t see any that had that kind of detail.


Hi @pete_h ,

Yes, you can use the List Meeting Participants https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants endpoint and “device” is a field in the “participants” object.


Thanks so much! I don’t know how I missed it…

Just a brief follow up: If a user chooses to “dial in” using a phone number, even from a mobile device, does that always get recorded as “Phone” (PSTN)? Or is there something else to look for?

Hi @pete_h , I missed this since I was not tagged but I’m following the post again now! Please share which endpoint you are referring to when referencing that value :slight_smile:

Its the endpoint that you told me to use (above): {{baseUrl}}/metrics/meetings/:meetingId/participants?type=past&page_size=30

Turned out it was a non-starter because I discovered that if the user isn’t “logged in” they device type isn’t recorded. That led me to add this feature request:

Identify device type for meeting participants who don’t have an account

So, thanks for tracking the post…if you could push along the feature request, that would be a plus!


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